Sunday Wrap Up – Does Zombie Want a Coffee?

Well whats new in the hood for Ali? Well it’s come to the end of another week as it’s Sunday late afternoon now. I decided to take my Zombie theme a little further into the absurd so I made a Zombie Coffee Meme ‘Feel like a zombie before you’ve had your morning coffee?’ So that was quite fun you can view the MEME photo below I have it currently set as my wallpaper ehe. Anyway just relaxing tonight with some drinks as fri and sat nights were low key and was in bed early around 11:00ish. So anyway tonight is my weeks celebratory night as I’ve done some good things this week that I’m very happy with. Anyway that’s it for me this week catcha Ali. xx

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Zombie Night – Complete Bloodbath

Well it has been a zombie fest last 2 days hehe. Looked strange to the human population driving around as a zombie commuting to and from my photo shoot haha. Anyway lots of face paint was used and make up to get the desired effect. So on the day of my return from holiday on the Friday I also did this photoshoot – yes I was tired Friday night and didn’t get much sleep when i was away. Feeling good at the moment this Saturday 24th June Night. A little tired after all my editing G it gets tiring but it’s fun. This was for single cover and advertisement for my new zombie song for 2017. I usually make one every year and I think I missed out a year I think last year I think. Anyway just relaxing tonight as all my work is done so having some drinks now and listening to the radio. Anyway that’s it for me thanks, catcha, Ali. xx.

Alisha’s Zombie Song 2017

Final Product.

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Outtake was laughing a lot was so funny.


My Holiday Away – with Zombie Alisha.

Well I have been here 4 hours now and I arrived safe and sound at my Motel location in the countryside room no.5. I have T.V and wifi yays. I have finished my new zombie 2017 song and artwork associated with it ehe. I had 1/4 chicken and chips with gravy for lunch ehe and am having a couple of beers. Well that’s it for me just relaxing it was good to get away even if it was just for one night, it’s what I needed. I have put up some photos of my stay on fb and here in my blog. Anyway back to relaxing and having fun catcha, Ali. xx.

Stream my new Zombie song winter-2017 below



End of an Era – New Changes For Alisha’s Future Now in Progress.

Well things are changing now for Alisha’s Future. I have made an account where automatic payments are made into it over 4-5 years which ever is earlier. So I can work towards my surgery. I have to make changes now otherwise I’ll never get it. so by the time I’m 40 I should be there. Anyway not sure if I am feeling happy or not, just not sure what I’m feeling today right now. I guess things are good and I am feeling happy, just emotionally feel overwhelmed also due to release of my new album. Not sure when I’ll get back to doing anything resources are hard to come by these days mostly meaning money. Anyway I’ve set myself out on my journey now sailing towards my dreams.


Alisha’s New Album Released – Having a Break Now – Holidays!!

Well I feel as if I’ve come along way. I have just released my second Album and am feeling very happy with myself -I’m over the moon. So today I sent it to iTunes and now both my Albums are up there. I also have both of them on Bandcamp –

Death Incarnate (7 Tracks) 2 Years in the Making

Within the walls of Solemesh (10 Tracks) 7 years in the Making

I had a lot of selection criteria but really it was the songs I liked the most and that are my favourites. Many songs were dumped in the end, it was about mood and continuity and flow. Anyway that’s a chapter of my life I can put to bed now.

Whats Next for Alisha?

Well I really am not sure where I’m going next in things hopefully I arrive somewhere good. But musically who knows. It was quite exhausting getting this album out so I’m quite tired now. So I’m going off on a break now – Holidays. Thanks for all your feedback fans and friends and family of my music, Thanks so much I really appreciate it. All the Best, Ali, xx.

Bandcamp Link:

New Song ‘Broken’ – Leaving a Legacy

Well I have dug myself out of a hole and am feeling bright and bushy tailed. Finally things are starting to go right. From my music disasters early in the week I have made myself something that I’m very pleased with. So Alisha brings to you ‘Broken’. It is a song about being broken inside, be it a broken heart and broken mind and body. Sometimes my body aches and my brain refuses to work properly running at half speed – a slow speed and of confusion. Had a bit of a headache that is slowly subsiding which is probably because I felt dehydrated. All this music making defiantly takes a toll. You can stream ‘Broken’ here:

It was very fun making it had some pinch squeals in it to mimic ambulance siren sound by using my guitar. My HeadUnit setting is shown below on the screen-grab. I was more happy with the lead parts than anything I love them, they have come up a treat. Also some melodic touches.  People have been telling me to experiment and making mistakes is how we all learn. So I have been trying a many things with my music lately. Anyway it’s Friday Night – Saturday early Morning now so I probably need to think about sleep, so until next time catcha, Ali, xx.


Time is wasting her away

Take Her hand


Doctor forever


She’s broken in side

She’s broken her heart




She will not rest until she is born again


Take Her hand


Doctor forever


She’s broken in side

She’s broken her heart




She will not rest until she is born again

Emerging Again

Emerging from a terrible start to the week musically. I really didn’t want to know myself I can tell you. Everything I did was the worst and oh my God it sounded terrible. Anyway moving on from that to towards the end of the week and yay it’s Friday!! So anyway I made a track I like called ‘Defiler’, it’s another one of those harsh tracks I suppose but I like it I guess. Includes some leads I like and at the end I made my guitar sound like at first I wanted an ambulance sound but I think it sounds more like a British police car, anyway it’s open for argument that haha. Did that just hammering and pulling off close to the fret and touching it slightly to produce those pinch squeals. It’s always fun having a play and experimenting as some people have told me this week I should do. So kinda turning around everything right now from what a disaster start it was to this week. Well it’s early Friday morning now and just relaxing with some drinks tonight. It was a bit of a strange thing putting this song together coming off 2 failures this week so my confidence had been shattered until I regain to feel more happy about this one ‘Defiler’ and of course very happy with ‘Death Incarnate’ the week prior. Anyway It’s still very fun and always good to try new things if they should work or not. Anyway maybe I should go to bed soon I’ll have to see. I think I will getting tired now. Anyway that’s it for me catcha, Ali, xx.


She’s a defiler
Taken down
She has lost her mind
Forever gone

Her tears are falling
Rot and decay
Her misery
Is teaching her to die

She doesn’t know
She can’t find her way back home
Forever lost
She has gone away

To never return again

Stream ‘Defiler’ below.

Loving Life Right Now!

Well it’s been a full on week and I think I have finished all my photo edits and music making from the last 2 weeks. It has been pretty epic a lot of developmental stuff. I also even made a music video for an Elite Dangerous clip – featuring my latest track, (thanks to Rachael for giving me inspiration there and ideas). The video can be streamed below and my last photo edit too. I’m over the moon with how well my photos turned out 2 weeks ago and I have been editing that series for them two weeks now, yes I love them lots. Best ever Ali with guitar photos I’ve had taken. Fiona is such a talented photographer. Anyway It’s Sunday night, relax time with some drinks. And that’s all she wrote haha. Ali. xx.

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Stop to Reflect

Well I’ve been busy but it’s time to stop now. I have felt I have done what I have set out to achieve at the start of this week and I feel quite happy about it. On the music front I have been wrapped up in yesterdays photos and making new music is quite far off at the moment. I didn’t used to I tended to multitask a lot more but now I focus my attention on singular things like photos or making music and go from one and then the other after it’s finished. I’d say I’m finished with this photo set from yesterday as I have edited them to a point that I’m really happy with them. I’m totally over the moon with these pics, they came out smashingly. Tonight I’m just relaxing not doing anything at all and I’m all finished with everything. Anyway that’s it for me, Ali-Signing off.