3D Character Model Finally Final

Well I finally finished my character model just in the nik of time before the weekend is gone as it’s late Sunday night now and close to bed time. It was fun making it. Probably 5 Days work in the end and I played around a lot with it with not really sure of what I wanted, but it all worked out in the end. I have provided my final render with wireframe overlay on the render. Anyway that’s the night and weekend come to a close. I am really happy with how it has come out lots of tweaks in the end but I got there. Thanks to all my supporters and feedback from friends and family through out the models journey of creation. Well a little time to relax before bed now but I’ll be off to bed soon as it’s just hit 11:00PM. Anyway that’s it for me now, thanks for checking out my latest model, catcha, love and peace, Ali, xx.

My Model Render/Wireframe

Things are Good right now.

Well things are good right now. I have been happily working away on my 3D and doing her body. it took me two days to get something pretty crappy so I re-did her body from scratch today and only took an hour and is more realistic and I really like it. I have provided a render and a view port screen-shot of her. Anyway knocking off early tonight to relax and have some time off, away from working on stuff. In terms of my mood I have been pretty good though my Manicness is getting to be a problem with little sleep. Oh well at least I’m keeping busy which is always a good thing for me.  Anyway that’s it for me thanks for reading and supporting me with your feedback on my work, thank you so much, Ali, xx.

3D Character Model Finished.

Ok I’m back with a new and last update on this humanoid I’ve been modelling over the last 3 days. I’ve got it pretty much how I like now and I just did some minor things today. just cleaning up the mesh a bit and texturing. I woke up about 4pm so I haven’t needed to do too much on it. Anyway I’m pretty tired though I may wake up a little later, I usually do, maybe I need more coffee haha. Well back with more coffee now tehe. Ok well where was I. I may revisit these models later and I may even do a fun body for the head and shoulder that i just did I’ll have to see at the moment I’m happy doing new things and things I haven’t done in a while such as this 3D development stuff. As you may have come to realise I have put my music aside for awhile. I’m really enjoying working on this new computer bought purely for this 3D Modelling of mine. Anyway time to relax for the night with nothing doing again, oh well. haha I may start on the full body for her I’ll have to see. Thanks Ali,xx.


My Rock Chick in 3D!

Well I have started a new model and just doing a head and shoulder model humanoid of what turned out to be a rock chick haha. A bit spooky, freaky but oh well it’s uncanny valley. hope you like anyway haha. she is rather shinny sweaty haha. So that’s it for me I think it maybe finished now. Anyway time to relax now even though its early morning again for me, time for a beer. Thanks, catcha, Ali, xx.

Ali In 3D – ‘The NeoNazi-HardcoreFemminist-JailBird Look’.

Well I have been up all night once again and I have set myself out on a new task – I knew it wouldn’t be long. haha. Right so what offering do I have for you this morning, which looks to be a nice day from looking out my kitchen window. I have been having lots of sugar ‘lollies’ and coffee throughout the night. So Anyway I am doing ‘Alisha in 3D’ and I’m just doing a head and shoulder model. I’ve got most of it down and yes I look NeoNazi with no hair – I haven’t got around to doing it yet sheesh and my eyes are missing too. It’s a stylised interpretation of how I want to look and with how I look now. So it’s a combination of the two. I find it challenging to do organics in 3DSMAX as Lightwave has some nice organic geometry modifying tools to sculpt easier. Like the marque drag it’s like using a brush to push and mould geometry it kicks ass oh well don’t have that anymore. Anyway I was going to revisit some older models but I thought na that’s cheating, but in terms of humanoids I didn’t really have much I’ve done in 3DSMAX, so a fresh start was called for. I’m not sure when I’ll crash for bed today see how I go I think. Anyway here it is the render see picture below. That’s it for me, thanks catcha, Ali, xx.


My Work is Done – Resting and Relaxing Now.

Well things have been ok. At times I’ve felt a little down but that’s ok I think. It’s mostly just dealing with my Manic Periods and Down Time Periods. I don’t know where to go to from here but I’m sure I’ll find my way to doing something. I do feel a little tired at the moment but that may subside later on. My Finished Car Model can be seen here: Ali-Merc  Well just relaxing and have been trying out my new webcam on my new laptop computer which shoots in widescreen which is really cool. other than that just having some wine tonight and doing nothing. Anyway thanks for reading, time for me to get back to doing nothing haha lol, also just listening to the radio tonight and computing. Thanks, catcha, Ali. xx

Widescreen web-cam photo of Alisha from tonight.



Things are Hard – Finding the light & feeling down

Well things are hard. Finding money for surgery when on a pension is so hard, who knows if it will happen I hate myself for doubting things but it will take a long time. I thought I’d find a picture to try to make myself feel better so I found this one of Gisborne. A many tears have been shed tonight and I’m feeling really down. My life sucks so much and I hate myself for being where I am. Only if things would turn good for me and my big goals in life be met. For me life has always been hard very hard, and it’s hard to think it will ever get better. I have suffered a great deal with my Mental Health issues and its far from over. I’ll be downgrading my site hopefully because like many things it’s far too expensive and I need the money and things in priority come first over such things. I don’t think many people read my blogs anyway so I maybe stopping my blogs too, I’ll just have to see.

Alisha’s 7 Year Music Making Anniversary

Well I calculated it properly with some help from the family and it’s been in fact 7 years since I started making and recording my own music. So here is a little milestone of mine 7 years making music. It’s been a long road and a road of recovery through mental illness through my music. All my songs are personal to me and express the trauma and horrific experiences that have encompassed my life more so the last 10 years. I’ll move on a bit now and currently I’m doing big things in music and I have come a long way holistically in terms of my music production, composing and playing. As my early fans would know I have progressed a lot though it seems apparent that in the last 4 years I have found my signature sound. Also the quality of the production and writing towards these current times is more advanced and complex. I have also gone through about 4 guitars and have changed my gear constantly though these days I tend to use and have found the right stuff that I like to use now. Lots of things have happened in this period of time though I have stuck with music all this time. As you can probably tell I love making music and playing it makes me so happy inside. It can get addictive and also it can rise me out of depression and assist with psychotic recovery. When I make this type of ‘Heavy Metal’ music it’s music I like to listen to and sometimes when I fall asleep crying I listen to my music and I fall asleep listening to it and it makes me feel happy. It also works as a therapy to get the trauma out put it in a song and then move on to the next and move on from that point and have it as a snap shot in time about what I was thinking about at the time and then put it aside and forget about it. I do visit my old songs and listen to them only the good ones that I have made into albums and the very best of, that I display on my website to stream. I’ve made just shy of 200 songs over this 7 years and about 20 songs are my keepers at present and favs that span over 3 Albums. This break down can be seen below with the corresponding dates from start to finish of the album. These can all be streamed over at my bandcamp page here: http://alishapoor.bandcamp.com/

Well just relaxing tonight with some wine and cheese/potato chips and a cup of tea for later-bedtime. Anyway it’s quite a momentous occasion to be celebrating this and I felt I wanted to. It’s good to summarise and take a step back and admire the achievement. It takes incredible effort and it’s good to mark these milestones down so you can track where you have been and where you are now. As I say I’ve gone through a lot in this time and my life in these times have shaped my music and these 3 finished albums respectfully.  So These 3 albums are about experiencing Mental Illness and trauma as a result in Alisha’s life mid 20’s to mid 30’s years of age so 25-35years old. So where to from here? well I’ll be continuing to make music as Love it so much, I don’t know what the future will hold but if you want to know more about Alisha listen to her music these 3 Albums as her journey through her life. past to present. Last 7 years of her life. Anyway time to finish up I’m safe and happy I guess that’s good for Alisha. Things are turning around to the good. I feel so happy right now though I know Mental Illness and hard times will always be with her somewhere in her life past and present. She just has to make the most of the good times when they are there. Well that’s it for me, thanks for reading, catcha, Ali.xx. Love and Peace.

2017 Grumpy Alisha meets Metal (2 Tracks)

2016-2017 Death Incarnate (7 Tracks)

2010-2016 – Within the Walls of Solemesh Memoir Book Soundtrack (10 Tracks)

My Most Current Song to date at the time of this blog entry: ‘Grumpy Alisha meets Metal’.

My 8 String High Gain Amp Setting Used On Latest Track.

Ok, For my last song, ‘Grumpy Alisha meets Metal’ this was my new amp settings that I used in that song for the guitars. The setting was originally sourced through my Bias app and brought into JamUp Pro for iPhone. It has a great tone that I like very much especially when using chords than single notes.

Stream ‘Grumpy Alisha meets Metal’ here below.