Emerging Again

Emerging from a terrible start to the week musically. I really didn’t want to know myself I can tell you. Everything I did was the worst and oh my God it sounded terrible. Anyway moving on from that to towards the end of the week and yay it’s Friday!! So anyway I made a track I like called ‘Defiler’, it’s another one of those harsh tracks I suppose but I like it I guess. Includes some leads I like and at the end I made my guitar sound like at first I wanted an ambulance sound but I think it sounds more like a British police car, anyway it’s open for argument that haha. Did that just hammering and pulling off close to the fret and touching it slightly to produce those pinch squeals. It’s always fun having a play and experimenting as some people have told me this week I should do. So kinda turning around everything right now from what a disaster start it was to this week. Well it’s early Friday morning now and just relaxing with some drinks tonight. It was a bit of a strange thing putting this song together coming off 2 failures this week so my confidence had been shattered until I regain to feel more happy about this one ‘Defiler’ and of course very happy with ‘Death Incarnate’ the week prior. Anyway It’s still very fun and always good to try new things if they should work or not. Anyway maybe I should go to bed soon I’ll have to see. I think I will getting tired now. Anyway that’s it for me catcha, Ali, xx.


She’s a defiler
Taken down
She has lost her mind
Forever gone

Her tears are falling
Rot and decay
Her misery
Is teaching her to die

She doesn’t know
She can’t find her way back home
Forever lost
She has gone away

To never return again

Stream ‘Defiler’ below.

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