Alisha’s New Album Released – Having a Break Now – Holidays!!

Well I feel as if I’ve come along way. I have just released my second Album and am feeling very happy with myself -I’m over the moon. So today I sent it to iTunes and now both my Albums are up there. I also have both of them on Bandcamp –

Death Incarnate (7 Tracks) 2 Years in the Making

Within the walls of Solemesh (10 Tracks) 7 years in the Making

I had a lot of selection criteria but really it was the songs I liked the most and that are my favourites. Many songs were dumped in the end, it was about mood and continuity and flow. Anyway that’s a chapter of my life I can put to bed now.

Whats Next for Alisha?

Well I really am not sure where I’m going next in things hopefully I arrive somewhere good. But musically who knows. It was quite exhausting getting this album out so I’m quite tired now. So I’m going off on a break now – Holidays. Thanks for all your feedback fans and friends and family of my music, Thanks so much I really appreciate it. All the Best, Ali, xx.

Bandcamp Link:

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