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About Me (Alisha Poor) Last Updated 14th October 2017.

Alisha is a fearsome developer and designer (practitioner) for Multimedia and the Arts which also writes journal articles for the behavioural sciences such as Psychology. She has many work attributes such as a positive work ethic, fast learner and high attention to detail along with a high level of communication skills and understanding of OHS and quality standards. She works continuously on keeping up to date with the constant demands of the Design and Multimedia Industry perfecting her current skills and always learning new ones. You can obtain a copy of my resume in PDF format here: Alisha’s Resume 2017 A little more about Alisha. Alisha resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She enjoys making Heavy Metal Music, Photography and writing Short Stories and doing Illustrations from time to time. Alisha’s Story. When Alisha was young she would listen to her favourite artists on the radio. She has gone through the walkman and disc-man, iPod phases and now she listens through iTunes on her phone or MacBook Air. When she was 15-20’s she started taking a direction and liking to Megadeth and Marilyn Manson and Sonic Mayhem from the Quake 2 Game Soundtrack. From this time she has enjoyed music from melodic, rock, metal genres, death metal, black metal, power metal, and other such sub-genres. In her early 20’s She decided to play guitar and record her own music, write and compose her own style based on these influences. Alisha has studied numerous courses including majors in Multimedia, Psychology and Professional Writing. She is happy to say that in these current times she doesn’t miss doing exams. Currently Alisha is seeking work in the Multimedia – Mac Operator, Sectors. For well over a decade now and since Alisha’s Teens she has had a website and updated it through out the years. Presently she is always learning new standards of communication and web architecture she also enjoys photography with her NIKON DSLR. On this site you shall find everything you need to know about Alisha and her holistically presented Digital Design, 3D Modelling, Illustration etc exploring such areas as stated below.


Contact Alisha via the email below she usually checks her email at least twice daily and on most weekends.




Sound Production

2D Illustrator


Graphic Design

3D Modelling and Design


Web Development

Psychology Research

Game Development

Video Production


These are my University Course Grades


Multimedia (Victoria University) HD 95%

Sound Production (Open Channel) 65%

Psychology (Victoria University) CREDIT 60%

Film & Television (VCA) CREDIT 60%

Graphic Design (VU & RMIT) DISCONTINUED 45%